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this is how we pay for the war.

  • $600 million in cuts to community health centers.
  • $414 million in cuts to grants for state and local police departments.
  • A whopping $1.6 billion cut in the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget, of which nearly $1 billion comes from grants for clean water and other projects by local governments and Indian tribes.
  • Cuts to homeland security programs for the first time ever, though much of the agency’s two percent decrease stems from a $786 million cut in first responder grants to state and local governments.
  • A $7 million cut to the Bureau of Public Debt, which accounts for and provides reports on the debt.
  • A $1 billion cut to HIV and disease-prevention funds.
  • A $3 billion cut to agriculture programs, the biggest portion of which comes from the Women Infants and Children fund, which loses $504 million.
  • A $390 million cut to low-income heating assistance; Community Development Funds are cut by $942 million.
  • Contributions to the United Nations and other international institutions are cut by $377 million.
  • $45 million pulled from nuclear nonproliferation funds.
  • A $650 million cut to federal highway investments.
  • A rider tucked in by lawmakers from Western states that allows states to remove wolves from the endangered species list.
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